Hello, and welcome


You have found the home of the Belfast Model Flying Club. You can read about our club’s history on the History page. However, staying in the present, we would like to tell you a bit about our curent activities.

During the winter months September to April, we fly indoor models at Ashfield Girls School, Holywood Road and Bloomfield Methodist Church Hall. These models range from small radio helicopters, small and lightweight fixed wing radio (slow RC), to larger and faster fixed wing radio (fast RC) and Ultralight rubber (free flight).

When the weather is better, you can find us outside, winter and summer, on our very own dedicated control line site at Tommy Patton Park, Holywood Road, Belfast 5.   The site has Irelands only purpose built competition control line circle and a second all purpose  grass circle.

Control Line flying is our main activity, however many of our members also fly small unconventional RC aircraft and RC helicopters at the site.  The site is not suitable for large RC models.

Come and join us for some fun and friendship. All we ask is you join  a club to ensure you are covered by BMFA insurance.