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John Hamilton Award






In recognition of John Hamilton’s contribution to the Home International and to the Club, on 27 November 2013 the Club held a presentation Dinner at which John was awarded an engraved decanter with the inscription “Awarded to John Hamilton for the Home International and for many years of service to the Club. 2013”. It is hoped that he will enjoy many glasses from it.


This was a well deserved recognition of many acts on behalf of the Members and many others who have enjoyed representing their Country at International level, and a long career in Modelling, particularly F2B Control Line Aerobatics.


His name first appears in Nitro, the Club Newsletter, in Dec 1970, at Sydenham with John Seacombe, then in Feb 1971, his first article, and in Jun/Jul 1971, his Mini Thunderbird Plan. In the Club, he was Secretary, Nitro Editor, F/F Sec, Treasurer, Display Organiser and Chairman, a total of 21 years of service to the Club in the past 41 years.




John, in tandem with Bill Draper, was the motive force which started this event, which has given pleasure and focus to so many fliers. It has seen Teams from England, Scotland and Wales and Ireland fly, with many appreciating the chance to represent their Country at this level. It has been a unique event and has an atmosphere all of its own. It was first flown 1986 in Blanchflower Park, reached 25 Years in 2010 in England, and is still going strong in 2013. Its longevity is a testament to the quality of the idea, its execution, and the strength of its appeal.


John’ Contest Record includes: Winner of the Irish Nationals (13 times consecutively), the Ulster Championships, the NI Area Control Line Cup, the British Nationals Vintage and Classic and 3rd in F2B, the Scottish Nationals, the CLAPA Championships, and representing Ireland at the European and World Championships on numerous occasions. He has been Team Leader and top scorer of the Irish Team in the Home International, highest placed individual on occasion, and on the winning Irish Team three times.


Maurice Doyle Chairman


If you would like to download the original file:Here it is