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This was our first experience of this excellent flying site, which exceeded any expectations. It had short grass like a bowling green, containers for food, shelter and storage of models and grass cutting machinery, and wonder of wonders, a flush toilet! The site has a very attractive outlook over a valley and quite adequate space for full length lines.

The weather was not so certain, with the threat of rain ever present, but it remained nearly calm, so be thankful for small mercies. After practice, one round of F2B was flown, with the rain starting, and there were showers for about an hour, but it held off for the rest of the afternoon. The cloud formations were very heavy and dark, but the rain below them fortunately seemed just far enough away to allow an excellent flying day.

The entry was the best for a long time, seven in F2B and four in Classic, and John Molloy, Ralph McCarthy and Richard O’Brien Judged F2B. They needed a break for lunch, amply supplied by Cork, the host Club, and the F2B fliers who were not flying Classic stepped in to Judge this class, a very efficient arrangement which allowed three flight of F2B and two of Classic to be flown. Richard O’€™Brien as CD masterminded this, but all concerned with the Judging are to be thanked for their efforts. It was the best Irish Nationals, in terms of amount and quality of flying, for a long time, possibly ever.

As anticipated in last year’s Report, Adam Tarran has made great strides in his flying with John Hamilton’€™s Happy Hour, as has Peter Bradshaw with another HH, so they came out first and third in F2B. John unfortunately had family health problems, and was unable to be present, but first and third with your old models is not bad! Maurice Doyle was second in F2B, and Kevin (close behind Peter), Stoo, Chris and Ivan following along. Ivan is recently returned to Control Line, and was a Team Race flier, so his performance in his first events showed continuous improvement.

Classic saw Maurice Doyle first, Kevin second, Stoo third and Ivan fourth. There were no crashes, no damage, and few flights were other than complete and well flow. Our thanks to the Judges and the Cork Club for their hospitality and facilities, to all the fliers for their preparation and participation, and here’€™s to the next time. Control Line Aerobatics is flourishing and in good state.

Maurice Doyle

Flight 1 2 3 Total Best 2 Placing
Adam Taran 2632 2977 3055 6032 1
Maurice Doyle 2862 2878 3018 5896 2
Peter Bradshaw 2572 2702 2881 5583 3
Kevin Barry 2726 2853 2716 5579 4
Stoo Holland 2267 2621 2786 5407 5
Chris Gilbert 2409 2458 2340 4867 6
Ivan Bolton 1728 1991 2312 4303 7
Maurice Doyle 2941 2842 5783 1
Kevin Barry 2412 2787 5201 2
Stoo Holland 2215 2400 4615 3
Ivan Bolton 1765 1984 3749 4