The weather forecast was pretty dire, (this is taken direct from last year’s Report!), but this time we managed it better by deciding to postpone from Saturday 20 to the following week. Thanks to the excellent communications provided by email and telephones, everyone was kept in the picture. Saturday 27 fortunately had excellent weather, with the added bonus that Stoo Holland was able to come along and boost the entry. Mitchell Shaw and John Black also came to Judge, and John Hamilton was moving very freely following his hip operation, so the turnout was very representative of F2B.

 There were 4 entries in F2B, Stoo and Chris travelling from Dublin. Peter showed notable improvement in his scores over last year, as did Chris, and his first flight bettered Stoo’s individual scores, so everyone had something to show for their efforts. The competition between 1st and 2nd, and between 3rd and 4th, was pretty close. No-one had it easy.

Our thanks to everyone for coming along, particularly those travelling furthest, and making the day worthwhile, Mitchell and John B for judging, fortunately in pleasant conditions for once, and John H for Line Pulls.

Maurice Doyle

F2B Results           Flight 1   Flight 2     Total    Placing

Maurice Doyle     1899.5    1982.5       3882.0   1

Peter Bradshaw   1872.0   1924.5       3796.5    2

Stoo Holland          1736.5   1661.0       3397.5   3

Chris Gilbert          1748.0   1585.5       3333.5    4