Vandelism at Tommy Paton Site Cabin

Our new sign
Our new sign

IMG_0682 IMG_0695 IMG_0696After the joy of getting our site cabin installed at our site at Tommy Paton Park we decided to fully advertise the club and erected a sign in an appropriate place on the cabin.

The sign was well riveted to the cabin however less than 24 hours had passed before the first attack was instigated but this failed with just minor damage to a corner of the sign.  We vainly hoped this was just a random event and additional rivets were added to hopefully give the sign added security.

The vandals however were not to be deterred and obviously returned armed with tools.

The sign was erected on Monday 29th April and by Saturday 4th May it had been forcibly ripped off the cabin, broken into 2 pieces and thrown on the ground.

Just makes you wonder what is between the ears of the mindless morons who obviously delight in such activities.

There is one word that comes to mind beginning with “B” but not to be printed here.

Should we report this to the Police – whats the point it will just be recorded as a statistic and no action will be taken.